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Casual Racing - Get out on the track, anytime, anyday.

Adult Karts (10 years and above)

10 minutes - $20 each

15 minutes - $25 each

20 minutes - $30 each

30 minutes - $40 each


Cadet Karts (5 - 9 years)

10 minutes - $15 each

15 minutes - $20 each

20 minutes - $25 each


For the "stigs in training", up to 6 years of age ( Mum or Dad drive).

10 minutes - $20

15 minutes - $25

20 minutes -$30




A new and exciting format we have adopted. For 16 years old and above. You race as individuals against your friend or work colleagues. Run as separate heats (you tell us how many you want), with 10 laps in each heat, you will be in a different grid position for each heat. Each driver will have at least one heat with a grid position near the front one, one heat with a grid position near the back and one heat with a grid position in the middle of the pack. This provides everyone competing equal opportunity to win. At the end of the heats, we grid the drivers back up, with the top drivers from the heats at the front of the grid, before the race gets under way for one last blast!

The pricing for this event is below:

3 Heats & Final - $45pp

4 Heats & Final - $50pp

5 Heats & Final - $55pp


ENDURO TEAMS RACING- Designed to suit groups of 10 or more drivers aged 16 years and above, we have created a race event which brings drivers together in an environment of fun, success and motivation. Great for Wellington corporate functions and team building.


Meet and Greet


Full Drivers Brief


Race Summary

Winners Presentation

Our Enduro Teams Race sees everyone split up into teams, i.e 10 people would be split up into 5 teams of 2. Each person drives for a set amount of laps, nominated at the start of the race. Choose from 30 laps, 40 laps, or 50 laps per driver.

Every 10 laps, team mates signal to the current driver to return to the pit area, where a driver change is completed. This continues until every driver has completed their set amount of laps, where at the end of the race, each driver receives a wave of the chequred flag, to signal their race is over.

The race length depends upon the team's size for example:

10 People (5 Teams of 2) - 30 laps each = 60 lap race total length - between 30 and 45 minutes

21 People (7 Teams of 3) - 30 laps each = 90 lap race total length - between 45 and 60 minutes

32 People (8 Teams of 4) - 30 laps each = 120 lap race total length - between 60 and 75 minutes

64 People (8 Teams of 8) - 30 laps each = 240 lap race total length - between 120 and 135 minutes

The pricing for this event is below:

$30 pp- 3 Drives of 10 Laps. 30 Laps Total per driver

$35 pp- 4 Drives of 10 Laps. 40 Laps Total per driver

$40 pp- 5 Drives of 10 Laps. 50 Laps Total per driver


Yet another new race we have available, this race is designed for groups of 5-8 drivers. We give you a few warm up laps (to get some heat into those racing slicks), then it is all on! First across the line receives the chekered flag, signalling the race over - then it's back to the foyer to see who has bragging rights!

The pricing for this event is below:

  • $40 pp- 60 Laps Total.
  • $55 pp- 90 Laps Total.
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